May 22, 2013


The unusual plastic kit I mentioned in my last post was a mechanical kit of a Strandbeest.... what in hell is a Strandbeest you will likely be asking yourself. Let Adam Savage explain in the video that made me go searching eBay for a kit

Strandbeests are the creation of artist Theo Jansen, they're very weird but also quite cool. The fact I really like multi legged walkers made me want to build one so I found one kit at around the $20 mark amongst the the $80-90 ones. Turns out it didn't have the magazine with it but did have instructions in engrish which at least made life easier to make sense of it.

 photo IMG_3080_zps00a5b3b0.jpg

 photo IMG_3082_zps313df845.jpg

 photo IMG_3081_zpsabc4bf6a.jpg

 photo IMG_3083_zps50b8ff2a.jpg

 photo IMG_3084_zpsb9ae15b7.jpg

 photo IMG_3085_zps589c2688.jpg

 photo IMG_3088_zps99976615.jpg

At this point you may well be thinking OMG WTH etc. I took my time clipping off all the parts and cleaning of the snip bits while watching Game of Thrones.

 photo IMG_3091_zps62cd9c12.jpg

All the parts neatly layed out of "knolled" as Adam Savage says.

 photo IMG_3093_zps83d55020.jpg

 photo IMG_3094_zpse31dccd2.jpg

 photo IMG_3095_zpscce6c378.jpg

After about a half hour or so construction after some confusion at the construction of the 1st pair of legs it went together incredibly fast. It's a really idiot proof kit in that the joints can only be built the correct way. It's just at the bit where they connect to the crank shaft that gets a bit confusing if you don't reread the instructions for that one stage.

 photo IMG_3097_zps51bc3edd.jpg

 photo IMG_3099_zps9b983641.jpg

 photo IMG_3098_zpsc8ea217f.jpg


It walks very well as it strides sideways across your desk.

 photo IMG_3100_zps7f37493a.jpg

 photo IMG_3101_zps3a6e8fa1.jpg

 photo IMG_3102_zpsbcc5ba68.jpg

 photo IMG_3103_zps82b14897.jpg

 photo IMG_3104_zps18adb70c.jpg

 photo IMG_3107_zps107f6278.jpg

 photo IMG_3105_zps0e311766.jpg

 photo IMG_3106_zps85a06d64.jpg

 photo IMG_3108_zps6855c0d5.jpg

It's just such a bizarre complicated looking thing but it walks so gracefully that it doesn't look mechanical as it does it. I'll shoot some video later.

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