May 23, 2013

Hoffman's Crew done ... mostly

I've managed to get everyone in my initial gang done :) Now just need to get the mobile toolkit and the claw guy done. Here they are:

 photo IMG_3014_zpsa1ac9665.jpg

 photo IMG_3017_zps00562be4.jpg

 photo IMG_3020_zps2e10b73b.jpg

 photo IMG_3022_zps8c9f19f5.jpg

 photo IMG_3025_zpscfde10a2.jpg

 photo IMG_3027_zps0cef76bd.jpg

 photo IMG_3029_zpsf826da3e.jpg

 photo IMG_3030_zpseefe9d04.jpg

 photo IMG_3032_zps2798b347.jpg

 photo IMG_3034_zpse25de930.jpg

 photo IMG_3036_zps2d053585.jpg

 photo IMG_3038_zps9e083af9.jpg

 photo IMG_3039_zpsb7d156e7.jpg

 photo IMG_3043_zpsc33ea0c8.jpg

 photo IMG_3044_zpscf5dad42.jpg

 photo IMG_3045_zpsad967572.jpg

 photo IMG_3047_zps75dc0a3f.jpg

 photo IMG_3048_zps9c0157ce.jpg

 photo IMG_3050_zps8aefec99.jpg

 photo IMG_3053_zpsbede7244.jpg

 photo IMG_3054_zps4b46f5bd.jpg

 photo IMG_3055_zps1f4ea41c.jpg

 photo IMG_3056_zps167e6910.jpg

 photo IMG_3057_zps12237990.jpg

 photo IMG_3058_zps5b0af98d.jpg

 photo IMG_3059_zpsf2db6494.jpg

I think I overdid the rust spray on the smokestacks on the Peacekeeper so I'm going to give it a black wash and a bit of metal drybrush to tone it back.

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